Sunday, July 05, 2009

projects to come...

i have been searching for a project that i will take with me to vancouver. i really had been looking for some time when i found this pattern in an old(ish) vogue knitting magazine i had in my fairly large bookcase(s) of patterns that may or may not be knit someday.

pattern: short sleeve top vogue knitting spring/summer 2005
pattern #05 by gabrielle hamill

yarn: karabella yarns empire silk

as you can see the pattern is written for a tall skinny nicole kidman… which i am not. my idea is to make something that would not have the v-neck down to my belly button and not to emphasize my petite upper proportions.

my solution begins with a nubbly bouclé yarn and an empire waist.
more details to come…..

1 comment:

stoptheshow said...

this is going to be real pretty and that teal color will look nice on you.