Saturday, July 11, 2009

blue top and a salty sea breeze

well, i heart sunny and much cooler (than texas) vancouver. even better, from where i am currently sitting i can see large (!) furry baby seagulls wandering about. with luck they will get close enough for a picture but i am not hopeful, i have been watching them for a while and they seem to like the "just out of my lens distance."

~ camera shy big furry babies.

i have been working on the short sleeve top. i have finished the back and the size looked right so i started working the fronts (working both at the same time) and about 4 inches in~ decided there was no question it was going to be too big. i need to run out today and buy a tape measure to work on adjusting the measurements because mine did not find it’s way into my travel knitting bag.

(mental note for travel... a place where one can buy a tape measure is not the sort of vacation attraction i prefer to spend my time hunting down....)

what i have noticed with this yarn is that the hardest part of working with it is the cast on. if you pull the stitches tight it tends to separate and bunch the strands and for me i ended up with a inconsistent loose edge. i can’t be bothered with finding a solution because this pattern has a crochet edging that i hope will hide it.

i was surprised that it was easy to rip out the front pieces with out any problem though. so far i have not split any stitches (silent sigh of relief) which is common complaint with cashmerino astrakhan…..

motoring on

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