Saturday, April 24, 2010

i happy

work/life balance?


after two weeks of me attached to my iphone as my only usable communication outside of work for.. well work.

really i dont even leave work because my need to be connected keeps me at the office but at home this mac user communicates via phone.


today, when i came home from work i had awaiting me this beautiful 27 inch LED backlit display with a wide screen monitor computer with a wireless keyboard and magic mouse.

what a great hubby.

Broken Bellsthis machine capable of allowing me to work remotely (commute time = extra sleep) greeted me with the new broken bells album.

i happy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


ok “super-chic” was the name of the feature in my lucky magazine that inspired me to find a yarn that would give a similar result as their fantastic “popcorn” cashmere blend scarf. (cashmere-blend scarf, $275, autumn cashmere. the tannery, cambridge, ma, 617.492.1811)
certainly not a reference to me or my scarf.

this is for miss peggy. i think the pink scarf will no doubt look better on her !
the goods again:

needle us 10-6.0 mm
yarn: plymouth yarn poppin (66 yards)
color  09
pattern here

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

blog nods

yeah- another external lsbs web feature.

if you knit and you blog about knitting consider joining this wonderfully supportive group who shares your interests.

and congratulations to all lesser known skein bloggers for spending the time and commitment to sharing their personal knitting stories by blogging and for taking this group to a new level by creating a website specifically for us. i am lucky to be featured and thankful for the their supportive community and especially for those dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of the LKS website.

happy knitting & happy blogging

Sunday, April 04, 2010

happy easter. happy me.

happy easter!

the pattern for these cute little white chocolate and milk chocolate egg cozies can be found here at drops designs website

the goodies:

2 skeins naturally harmony 10ply in brown 03
2 skeins naturally harmony 10ply in cream 02
needle us 6

absolutely no modifications. what a fun pattern to knit. even better they found stardom! you can find them on americas knitting website in their project section. for those of us who don't own a yarn shop and secretly wish too this is a website dedicated to the support of yarn shops with a knit shop directory, yarn shop spotlights and projects~ like these little cuties.

today i am going to make soap. i just bought another copy of soapylove to send across the pond to an english friend who just came for a visit and fell in love with my copy.

her highness soapylove just came out with her new spring news letter. you can get a copy here

happy easter. happy knitting. happy soaplove.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

today is the day

welcome home little ipads. we are in love with you both. yes twins!

it is also the day i have played with the design of my blog. i cant seem to find something i really like but it needed a face lift. feedback is welcome.
happy ipadding