Tuesday, March 29, 2011

free tea cosy pattern

well a huge thank you to leigh for my beautiful naked personal tea pot i received for christmas this year. given your cold boston winter i decided it needed a something to keep it warm.

ok I did my best at free handing the project so this did take me a while to work it out. i have not knit a tea cosy before so i was not even sure what i was going to do but here you go~

download here: tiny tea cosy

the goods~
one skein shibui knits sock
1 skeins = 191.0 yards (174.7m)

us needle size: 
us 2 - 2.75 mm

happy knitting!
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a post to make up for a huge lack of posts

obsessed with world news, work and sleep have kept me from achieving a decent blogger status. i am in danger now of neglecting it so long that i will be too embarrassed to continue.

i first of all want to share a present i have knit a dear friend of mine back in january.. for her birthday.... in january... which is still in my possession.  a bad friend who is unintentionally working to bankrupt the usps through postal neglect. yes bex, i will send you your scarf (from last year) and mer i will eventually hand you your present in person.... maybe you could come for a visit????

the details~
pattern~ bristol's cowl from the talented bristol ivy
yarn~ this fantastic quince puffin  (i could eat all their colors they are so tempting) one skein in birds egg
needle size us 13 & 11

some more notes for future making reference if i indeed make one for myself ;) ~

argh! got to row 9 of the chart (my first drop stitch) i looked it up and after you drop the stitch you make one in the ladder. after working round 10 i had too many stitches.... (again)

oh my i was not meant to knit the cowl.  i decided i should take it back to row 8 dropping the extra stitch i added for each drop stitch. …. bummer....pretty stupid.

(also) after row 8 i changed to my addi turbo size 11 (did not have size 13)… things started moving much quicker than the bamboo.

rip, rip, rip

i took the knitting back to row 8 and dropped the stitch as it should have been done :), now not much else can go wrong…. just repeating patterns???

it was easy moving from here on out. i did debate casting off after the fourth repeat thinking i might not have enough yarn to complete but i decided to motor on (what’s the worst that can happen… i have to buy more wool?!) :)

completed with a final tally of 13” cast on tail & 90” left over wool…

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