Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i am knitting a shawl

no…. not for my grandmother.

it was a self-discipline failure.

i found this single skein of undyed 100% superfine alpaca. sadly it was pricey~ but this is an 8oz skein of 665 yards of fluffy softness.

i could use it to brush up on my lace knitting skills before i tackle laced leaves cardi by carol feller?

humph. but why i don’t knit shawls and wraps is the enormous number of stitches to keep track of~ who needs to recount 3,000 stitches to confirm what row you are on or worse, what place you are in the lace pattern?

so i begin my first attempt. the only true inspired moment i have had was to choose a pattern that starts with a minimal amount of cast on stitches and increases to the nightmare number of stitches where i will no doubt loose track of where i am and give up on the project out of frustration.

pattern details:
seafoam shawl by sarah barbour

on another note… i hit 3 ½ miles of semi paved scenic footpaths up hill to knitting etc. yarn shop. (the iphone gps app really should have topography information)

worth the exercise, i take the bus back to town to admire my new stitch markers from the comfort of my hotel room with my feet up.


Lupie said...

I have started several lace patterns but had to frog them because I get lost in the patterns.
Cac't wait to see yours.

lunaticraft said...

It's cool, I'm knitting a shawl too (or trying to, as the case may be). They're not just for grandmothers anymore, or at least I'm maintaining that they're not. =D Beautiful yarn, btw.

Fran said...

I can't wait to see your shawl when it's done!

Domie's Mom said...

I have no self dicipline when it comes to yarn shops on vacation. Oh, and lace weight is a real doozy.

Enjoy it:)

I can't wait to see it knit up.