Tuesday, June 30, 2009

duck and cover…..

there is a drought.

this is our next generation of toad who repeatedly frequents my garden shoe for cover. i understand because it is the second week of over 100-degree weather. poor little thing.

well a dear friend of mine had a baby shower last weekend.

i decided on a spotless giraffe~

the details:
yarns: crystal palace yarns merino frappe 1 skein 061 gold & naturally hand knit harmony 10 ply dark brown

needle: size 8

pattern for sale here: mochimochi gargle.

not sure what i was thinking. i don’t like felting and i am crap with double pointed needles. but the shower is a jungle theme… i know a giraffe is not really jungle "theme" but who could resist this cute guy? so i picked a fairly fluffy yarn that i think might give it a slight felted texture and i knit it on straight needles and added and extra stitch at the beginning and end for each piece that i used for seaming.


stoptheshow said...

poor little froggie. sooo hot. he needs a cool pond. that giraffe is SUPER adorable!!!

Anna said...

Ewww. Just... ewww. (the frog, not the completely adorable giraffe). I am so not a fan of wild-life.

Megan said...

I thought the frog pic was super cute! I wish I could send you some of our rain here in NY. Flood watches today and tomorrow, we're supposed to get lots of thunderstorms.

The giraffe came out so cute, what a lucky baby!

Fran said...

I love the giraffe! Aren't backyard critters fun?