Sunday, July 12, 2009

why knit when you can buy yarn?

money spent in a wool shop equals many hours of browsing entertainment.... who could ask for more?

well today it sort of all came together....

today's formula: 2 skeins @ $20 per skein/3 hours = $14 per hour.... a little more expensive than the movies.... but look at what i came back with~

this is a hand dyed fluffy angora goodness called 'peter rabbit' which i found in point grey village at this 'worth the 40 minute bus ride' yarn shop called urban yarns.

two stores down from urban yarns is~ the cloth shop which sold these wonderful vintage style small people patterns from oliver + s, this beautiful book cupcake!, and amy butler fabrics.

and to top it all off this neighborhood had a sushi restarant & a cheese and wine bar, oh my...

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