Tuesday, June 30, 2009

duck and cover…..

there is a drought.

this is our next generation of toad who repeatedly frequents my garden shoe for cover. i understand because it is the second week of over 100-degree weather. poor little thing.

well a dear friend of mine had a baby shower last weekend.

i decided on a spotless giraffe~

the details:
yarns: crystal palace yarns merino frappe 1 skein 061 gold & naturally hand knit harmony 10 ply dark brown

needle: size 8

pattern for sale here: mochimochi gargle.

not sure what i was thinking. i don’t like felting and i am crap with double pointed needles. but the shower is a jungle theme… i know a giraffe is not really jungle "theme" but who could resist this cute guy? so i picked a fairly fluffy yarn that i think might give it a slight felted texture and i knit it on straight needles and added and extra stitch at the beginning and end for each piece that i used for seaming.

Monday, June 22, 2009

well it is done.

alterations to the original lion brand pattern

worked to 17.5in in length.

shaped waist with 2 sets of ssk & k2tog closest to arm hole split.

- -II- -II pm - -II- -II
1st decrease:
- -II-II m -II- -II
2nd decrease:

Added the increase stitches to the next 2 inches (adding back the lost purl stitches)

started to knit the front bands with buttonholes but ripped them out. the holes were lost and i did not feel like reinforcing them~ decided to add pearl snaps instead.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

same recipient, addition… pony softie

did i say i liked the book stitched in time?

look at this sweet face?

don’t all little girls want a pony for their birthday?

humm? or am out of touch with little ones? would it go in the closet with other generational outdated toys in favor of hannah montana posters and lip gloss?

whatever fate awaits this little purple pony he was a joy to make.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

a weekend full of birthdays…

i am sure everyone has a month out of a year that is overloaded with birthdays. for me it is a weekend overload. 3 birthday parties in one day next weekend along with 2 of my favorite small and adult people who are back in boston who i cant be with. yeah… that is five in one weekend.…

and wait… is sunday father’s day?

did anyone know you could print on ribbon?!

i didn't. but for one of the sweet little ones i decided on a flower pin made in lightweight summer color cotton. not at all an original idea. i owe a depth of gratitude to alicia paulson and her book stitched in time.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

happy june

more garden blooms....

and thank you sister for the best photo album ever!