Monday, November 05, 2012

sick of being sick...

i am officially sick of being sick. the darn common cold has been with me for too many days now. i am however pretty darn pleased to force myself to do almost nothing. sadly, with that comes piled up projects at work, lack of sleep and lack of husband's sleep due to my constant hacking and nose blowing. 

nothing to pat myself on the back for.

these things aside, i have made 2 more buttercup bags from made by rae. her easy to follow FREE instructions can be found here. did i say FREE? not only is it FREE, it is written for the sewing impaired like me. pictures and all. my first effort was pretty darn successful. it may be due to the fog in my head or just stupidity but this time around i just flunked sewing 101. silly me~ drawn to those beautiful fabrics that just beg to become something more... of course i can take a lightweight cotton fabric and make it into a sturdy handbag. 
why not? 

well i need only say one word... 


ok, so i can add a few more inappropriate words to go along with it, but you get the picture. why would anyone want to do two and a half times the work when they don't have to? all i needed to do was walk away from the pretty florals and go deeper into the fabric shop to find something that screamed "i need to be a hand bag"  

but i didn't. 

mental note to self for any future project... if you need to use interfacing to make it, just don't make it.

thing one and thing two are for two young girls i have yet to meet. their mother is one heck of a lady so i hope they get enjoyed. 

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