Monday, November 24, 2008

one year older....

hey i was woken up early by opal barfing on my pillow.

it soon got better~ but should birthdays really ever fall on a monday?

highlight- my itouch (sadly the iphone is not compatible with my current cell phone cancellation policy). but without the mobile capability of the iphone the itouch is equally as cool. yes.. i even put stitchminder on it.... beware fellow knitters~ technology is on my side.

thank you my friends for every last wonderful birthday wish. and thank you ms. chi for the flowers that you send every year that make me happy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

little g's mathching grandpa's 70th b-day scarf

the dog motif is taken from the dougie dog scarf by Lucinda Guy in her book handknits for kids: 25 original designs for boys and girls. i made the adult one for my father’s 70th birthday and so i made this for my nephew to sport around with grandpa. the little man’s is single stranded and grandpa’s is double.

details: pattern: manly scarf by jennie.

1 skein kraemer yarns tatamy tweed dk (same as grandpas)

.2 skein kraemer yarns tatamy tweed dk in electric blue

.01 skein harmony in cream for the embroidery details on the dog- a gift from sarah.

1 button


decided pocket should have a button. ~thank you leigh for these fun star buttons you gave me!~

knit using a single strand. the end scarf is 6 inches wide rather than 8 inches double stranded on dads. the finished length is 53” in length... some nice young man at the car dealership yesterday tried it on for me for size (perfect!)

oh my. adding the pocket stressed me to some degree. in the end i chose to knit the pocket into the scarf and add the pocket back for a neater front finish.

done :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


pops gave me some love for my macbook air screen protector. so, in turn i took the screen measurements and of their laptop computers and made them each one.

for syl i appliqued a birdcage... not the real thing but much less messy.

for dad i went simple. i only added a seam binding (boiltex seam binding~ vintage pre 1950’s) border in a darker blue to the wool felt.

if only i could get the mitered corners correct....


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

for pepper.

our little man enjoyed his ornamental cabbage for a nap. today i bought a flat of them from shades of green.

i know he would have enjoyed them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

why i love my birthday…

yes it may sound selfish but to be honest this is my favorite time of the year. years ago my mother would celebrate my birthday with a pumpkin pie.

since then i love everything about the fall and i am lucky my birthday falls in the season.

my dear boston friend sent me john & kira'schocolate fig pumpkins” for my birthday this year with wonderful handmade and great crafty goodies which make me smile!

what a lucky girl i am.

Monday, November 10, 2008

oh sad, oh sad that i can write this.

this is my finished father’s 70th birthday scarf.

i will be giving pops the scarf when all the kids go home for thanksgiving. i can blog about it because i am certain that dad has never seen my blog. so no chance of ruining the surprise….. he is now seventy years of age i am ok with this.

manly scarf (ok lame name) pattern can be found here
thank you jennie for the free pattern!

3 skeins kraemer yarns tatamy tweed dk (750 yards) ~ my choice of a cotton blend tweed in a dad like color (walnut)

size 8 needles

knitting double stranded.

(note: a nice project to take on the go. i will be making the same scarf in a 6yr old size with the same yarn and a doggie pocket. that way grandpa and grandson can enjoy together)

i picked a project that would use the first pair of needles dad bought me. a nice hand made size 8 made from walnut (hence the color of the yarn.)

end project 70in. long. so i ended up using 3 skeins of yarn in the end (instead of two) to get the length.

will use the same yarn for my nephew single stranded on a needle size 5. let’s hope it works out!

Monday, November 03, 2008

today i feel like....

.... dad's fat cat.
it must be time to leave the new mexican food alone for a while.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


i grew up on my father’s orchard. while he no longer lives in the house where we grew up, his new orchard makes me just as happy. today we picked some of his apples. with around 27 varieties, i am not sure just what we picked but my favorite were these sweet arkansas blacks.

good ol' farmer dad covers every piece of fruit on his trees with a “fruit” stocking. there are many uses for the stocking: ladies fashion, criminal use or as a father’s effort to keep birds and other animals away from his fruit while they ripen.

and as it turned out it worked.

for dinner~ fresh picked apples with cheese

Saturday, November 01, 2008

why i love upstairs on the square....

libations available on election night...

(note blue font coloration)

Bridge To Nowhere Combo $16

A Glass of Pinot Noir

with Susie’s Stacked Chickpea Fries & Housemade Ketchup

Sarah’s “I Can See” White Russian $9

Cheney Oyster “Shooter” (Duck!)

A Wellfleet Oyster in a Bloody $11

these can be enjoyed at my favorite boston restaurant upstairs on the square... if you go~ please have a drink for me!