Saturday, November 25, 2006

more birthday fun

about 150,000 people greeted the christmas season friday night at the annual lighting of the 55-foot christmas tree at alamo plaza and the hourlong, illuminated river parade with 122,000 lights….. and we were there.....

las canarias
lighting of the river

roasted asparagus soup
granny smith apple, curry and toasted pecans

organic field greens with pear tomatoes, smoked bacon,
garlic nut crunch, lemon basil dressing

grilled filet mignon
spanish mencia wine-marinated pear in puff pastry
and castilla y leon cheese crisp

chocolate diplomat
champagne sabayon and fresh raspberries

Friday, November 24, 2006

oh happy day

as i celebrate my 35th birthday (i am now half way to 70 anthony reminds me) i am reminded of how lucky i am to be surrounded by loving friends, family, neighbors and all of my new friends at my new job.

i plan to spend the day catching up on my knitting and laying about the house with the boys. unfortunately only a week to go before my debut at the craft fair. i must get hopping. but for now i want to share my new treasures starting with my new love.

i know i am not there yet but i would someday like to equate my love of handbags to sjp’s character in sex in the city’s love of shoes.

in addition to the worlds most fantastic hand bag i now have the audrey hepburns way of life- and to quote her

“success is like reaching an important birthday and finding out you’re exactly the same. all i feel is responsibility to live up to it. and even, with luck, survive it.”

amy sedaris' new book "i like you"

is perfect for me & those of us who need the helpful advice of- if you know you are going to be drinking, make sure to first organize your wallet so you don’t accidentally pay the cabbie too much money-

combined with such great recipes as “the heaviest cheese ball”

i like you too amy.

the impatient patchworker is a fantastic book which only features fabric from my favorite designer rowan’s kaffe fassett. bold, beautiful fabric combined to make quick projects for those of us who need to have instant gratification. i plan on making most if not all of the 20 projects in the book. it comes complete with patterns and where to find the resources used through out the book.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


so other than falling trees this november bring more butterflies to our yard.

yes- november…..

rowan studio

how wonderfully irresistible. i ordered it and had it delivered to my uk family to insure i got a hold of it asap. really could tweed look any better? i cant wait to get working on one…

thanksgiving week

i have been out of touch for a while. with a new job which demands all of the fantastic free time i had- i am lucky to spend time relaxing at home. this upcoming week is when i will catch up on all my afternoon naps, knitting and time with the boys.

first of all happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family! we have notice a change in the weather here at last and the evenings cool down to the 30-40’s and the day time temperatures reach a comfortable 75 degrees.

last week we had an unusual wind storm that took down one of the larger trees we have in our yard. we were lucky it did not hit our neighbor’s property or anything of value but once again home ownership hits home and the blues set in. this weekend the chainsaw hit the tree and what we have left is great firewood and piles of small branches.