Sunday, May 24, 2009

got green day tickets with franz ferdinand and deciding the shape of things to come

still working on my cropped raglan sweater. so far i have miscounted my stitches, ripped out 15 rows, re-balled two skeins due to knots a kin to spiderwebs and dropped two stitches. i amaze myself that i knit and not pick up a less stressful craft like play doh.

the few modification i have made (on purpose) thus far have been to size the small pattern to an extra small, decrease the size of the crew neck and i have started knitting in rib (dropping needle size) shortly after joining the body.

modifications i plan to make if i get that far.... increase the lenght and add buttons. looked like such as simple pattern....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy anniversary.

meet the new member of our koi pond... mr/mrs/miss (name tbd)

happy anniversary sweet.

and a picture of the strangest pond lilly pad

Thursday, May 07, 2009

i am knitting a multi color terry cloth bathrobe?

for those of us who have owned a chenille sweater, you know how wonderfully soft they are and the temptation to knit one is huge.

here is the pattern (no it is not a bathrobe but a cardigan)

the yarn: araucania quellon hand dyed yarn in coloring 08

not sure about the chenille, so i am going down a size in the needles in case it sags. fell in love with the yarn when i saw it but came to my senses after i looked for a pattern that would be able to carry off hand dyed yarn & the difficult drape of chenille.

i am knitting two rows and alternating a skein to blend the yarn because there are huge differences in the coloring…. i am not optimistic.

the alternate: something i know i will knit quick and love for no reason at all.

a bunch of radishes...