Sunday, September 30, 2007

a face only a mother could love

pretending it is fall once again

i have to admit that i miss the chilly evenings that the fall brings with it on the east coast. but still i remind myself that i am lucky to enjoy hot weather almost year around.

i remind myself that with the fall~ soon will come winter and the snow. the larger part of this weekend was spent in the garden preparing for the cooler weather we have here in san antonio.

most bushes were trimmed back, flowering pants were cut back, the roses were pruned, leaves raked, windows cleaned, and our new yard-mates let them selves be known. a fairly large (huge to me) tarantula- and a young texas rat snake.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

acl 2007

yeah~ i clap my hands and say yeah. take a look at the video here.

upon arrival and it was not until 20 minutes later i was forced to admit that jeans and tee were not the attire for 95-100degree outdoor fest.

not twisting my arm i found a dress with my name on it that carried me through the next 7 hours of fest food, beer, arctic monkeys, cyhsy, and arcade fire.

could there be a better way to spend a saturday?

arcade fire- imagine a colorful screen of floating bibles and light- complete with pipe organ accompanied by 10-11 musicians. bad acl for putting muse up against af at the same time to compete for sound. but what a wonderful experience.

also check out the video clips of arctic monkeys & bloc party from the show at:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

wrap top all wrapped up

it is nice to have completed a project. it feels good. i am making this top again for fiona- i do like the name fiona. i knit the first pattern for size 6-12 months and will do the same for the next one. it has a lot of roomy adjustability that limits the use of most baby clothes that last only a few short months before they become too small.

to give me a break between doing the same pattern back to back i am working on putting the shawl together. a few frustrating starts with this pattern. as i have worked the first 8 rows (after many, many attempts). it is starting to show its lace pattern. it is not really what i expected and it could be my substitute in yarn but i am pretty sure i have the patience to get through it. blocking the finished pieces seems like it will be the most difficult part.- but if i get that far i am home free.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

free balls of rowan cotton rope to a good home…(well- to any home)

i have found my replacement “organic cotton” by blue sky alpaca. this is not my first blue sky alpaca yarn. i have been fortunate to be a part of a county fair in watertown, ma which had raw alpaca yarn, alpacas (babies too), herding dog demonstrations, sheep & alpaca sheering, food booths and plenty of environmentally friendly booths.

most of all, on that day my memory is of baby gavin and his strength to pull through. gavin had his first day of school today- and for him i will take a yarn which reminds me of his happy to see anthony smile-

Monday, September 03, 2007

if at first your don’t succeed.................try, try, again

day not to knit.

working on a baby sweater which for the first time ever- i have run out of yarn based on the patterns requirements, not only is this an inconvenience, it presents a problem that if you cant get the same yarn with the same dye lot- it is a waste of time to continue.

my yarn shop closed today- i work on my new “rowan free gift” which arrived at my door stop last week.

rowan now includes two patterns and the yarn to complete one of them with your yearly subscription.

problem one: yarn provided not yarn suggested for pattern.

yarn provided was cotton rope. not sure who would choose to knit with this yarn- but after 5 attempts to get past row 4 of the pattern. i choose not to continue.

i am not meant to knit with this yarn- i stop and decided to move on and if i want to use the pattern this yarn will not be a part of the equation.