Monday, September 07, 2009

been in a blog fog

sheeze i must be the queen of blog neglect.

i don’t really have an excuse.

for any of you longhorn fans out there i copied one of my husband’s bowties (i used a 16” neck) and sewed up 5 bowties for our bartenders at work for a texas exes dinner.

1 yard of fabric makes 5 ties.

so all of you hook'em horns fans... no excuses.

(what a hypocrite)


stoptheshow said...

finally a post! I'd almost given up on you! these are so silly :/

lara griffiths said...

ok so... i will have to RETHINK your christmas gift ??? :)

lunaticraft said...

Those are awesome. My brother has been nagging me for a while to make him bow ties, so thank you for giving me that boost that says, "Yes, it is possible to get AWESOME results out of a handmade bowtie!"