Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a strange fruit.

before we moved to texas , i had never heard of a loquat tree.

now i have not one, not two but three of these enormous fruit bearing monsters.

our neighbors had told us they make good jam…. but being a girl on a mission i scoured the internet and found this kinda cool sounding tasty dessert: loquat crunch. personally i am a big fan of the wonderful world of the dessert crumbles from rhubarb to apple… but loquat?

so today i stewed loquats.
i made crumble.
i baked.

….and it did not end there….along these same lines i am ashamed to say i also baked ginger cookies.

i know… but i am craving sweets (my comfort food), stuck at home waiting for ups & also doing a bit of knitting ;-)

happy wednesday everyone!

*authors note: no humans were harmed in the tasting of these recipes


stoptheshow said...

what do they taste like? did you put them in the gingersnaps too?

stoptheshow said...

lara griffiths said...

sarah- "Loquat Wine"

you are my hero!

have not tried them yet. took a few to the neighbors who grew up with them and seemed excited to try them.

i will let you know. i did not use them with the cookies. they seem to be a pretty good substitute for apricots... ? who knew...

lunaticraft said...

I've never heard of loquats, but they look really tasty all stewed up like that. =D

lara griffiths said...

oh lunaticraft...

i admit the note:
*authors note: no humans were harmed in the tasting of these recipes

...might possibly be untrue...

i will let you know! (but they do look good!)

Carmen Sandiego said...

Yummy! The mix alone looked delish. How did they taste?