Monday, March 02, 2009

pimpin’ my ride

xm… meet my mini cooper
mini cooper meet xm….
~at last~

you see this has been a long time coming. when i bought this little bundle of joy my configurations came out all wrong. somehow you can’t custom order a cooper with more than three of the following:

satellite radio
satellite navigation
blue tooth adapter
aux. jack for i-pod

i bailed on the sat radio but that is all fixed now. this q-t comes with a remote control (?) honestly i think i can reach from the drivers seat to groceries in the boot. i don’t really think the remote is key however should i like to change the channel from my kitchen~ i know it is possible.

wheee...... off for a drive............


lunaticraft said...

Oh man, I hope you end up loving XM as much as I do. I never even thought about having satillite radio, but when I bought my car, it came with a three month free trial? Now? Totally hooked. Don't know how I drove around for five years without it.

J A Baker said...

I looked at mini's when I was shopping for a new car but I ended up with an Audi TT.

I loved the mini until I drove the TT. It's good to have a fun ride!

lara griffiths said...

oh the TT is calling me... what a great car.