Friday, March 20, 2009

a birthday dilemma

i am not a fan of variegated wool.

i fell in love with this color combination, a light pale blue color with a warm purple…. yummy.

my friend asked me for a scarf for her 40th birthday.


sadly i don’t know how to work with variegated wool. self-stripping yarn creates an unusual problem. the problem for me is because of the multi colors; you can’t knit in lace or pattern because you loose the detail with the multi coloring.

i chose a fairly simple pattern:

forsa scarf from noro: cornelia tuttle hamilton book 2

the goods:
5 skeins queensland collection bengali
needles US 9 (long.. as c/o of 302 sts)

in the end i love the scarf.

happy b-day LP.


lunaticraft said...

That scarf turned out beautifully! I love that pattern too. It's not every day you see a scarf knit like that.

Fran said...

It looks beautiful! She's going to love it.

Chronic Ennui said...

What a lovely gift. I'm sure she will adore it!

passionknitone said...

Beautiful! I love the colors.

Carmen Sandiego said...

Not only was the scarf beautiful but TOTALLY functional as well. We froze to death in NYC and if it wasn't for the scarf....well I don't know what she would have done. You the bomb ass digity bomb of knitters!

Lupie said...

I am making a gift scarf out of Noro Silk Garden. I just love The colorway and the fabric it makes.
The pattern and color of the scarf you made is just beautiful.