Tuesday, March 03, 2009

my ball winder & me

ever spend two or three evenings winding lace weight yarn into a ball?

i have.

something i plan never to do again.

the true advantage of these simple plastic gadgets (beyond saving wasted time on balling hank yarn) is the ease of which it winds the yarn into a loose center pull ball that allows you to knit without yanking the yarn repeatedly tuning the skein into a flopping fish out of the water jumping around pretending to be a chew toy for your dog.

possibly the best money i have ever spent.


Domie's Mom said...

Ha, ha so true! You fall in love with these silly plastic winders after making a sweater with old fashion Yarn Balls rolling around.
Though, my experience winding lace ended badly.

lunaticraft said...

I've been looking into getting a ball winder for a while now... sitting and balling up yarn by hand is just getting way too painful...

stoptheshow said...

i can't believe you didn't have one of these before!

ps. i am SO serious about moving to Austin, we'll see what happens. i can't do another year here.

lara griffiths said...

good. if you can make it tonight i have to tickets to modest mouse in austin.... looks like the husband wont be making it home in time for bed~ much less a trip to austin for a gig.

lets go sister! oh wait... you live in new york.

Yvette said...

Oh man that is the coolest thing ever! I must get one !lol