Monday, September 22, 2008

our new family

meet oscar (top) the new member. oscar is a shih tzu who loves toys, playing and his mum. then of course the second down is mr percy and sweet opal on the bottom.

such q-tys we have..

poor chair...


Anna said...

Aah! You got a new puppy! How old is he? Congratulations on the new addition. Am thoroughly jealous. How is he adapting?

By the way, am planning on driving out to South Hadley this weekend to go to the New Mexican restaurant you told me about ages ago. Really looking forward to it! Will report back.

lara griffiths said...

oscar is my dog-in-law! he is a 2 yr old and full of himself!

lucky for all of us, the terrible twosome get along with him great. percy has now found a new doggie friend to protect against the goliath opal. it make life interesting to say the least.

i cant wait to hear about the restaurant! bought some hatch red at central market yesterday- freshly roasted!