Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lyme regis

a four-day visit to britain’s jurassic coast to the quaint village of lyme regis during their carnival sounds like a nice place to be this summer. that is unless you are there to undergo dental surgery.

lucky for me i was just along for the ride.

best find… jurassic bar. (you need to look beyond the plastic oversized fish that adorn the entrance.) the chef/owner takes his boat out each day and serves up his catch in his restaurant that evening every day of the year apart from christmas and new years day.. .nice life…
we had dinner there every night. i would still be having dinner there nightly if i could only find enough faults in the dental work preformed on my companion (mil) to scare her into returning to the surgery.

alas i have failed.

another find: the town mill bakery. lunch: dorset rarebit & dorset apple cake.

a special lara find: all these fantastic old english knitting needles at a charity shop on the beach. 50pence. no kidding.

a find for a friend: vintage english horse brasses from an antique shop. for luck.

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