Tuesday, September 16, 2008

denim yarn?

ok i ask myself why after my ordeal knitting with a cotton blend why i would move on to a 100% cotton yarn?

why?- for a missed baby shower for my friend michelle.

yarn: rowan denim~ from the ball band: “den-m-nit shrinks by one-fifth in length and fades just like denim jeans.” (a yarn destined to ruin any project.) shrink!! i will suggest hand washing in cold water.

2 skeins sh 229.

pattern: “owl baby vest” by jodi haraldson

i liked the way this yarn knits up…..
although it did turn my fingers blue as are my bamboo needles!


1. knitting front and back as two separate pieces instead of in the round. i prefer seems as they give the sweater shape. (however i don’t like seeming!)
back: c/o 54 sts; row 6 increase at each end of row.

front: same as above; note owl pattern inverse on every even row.

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