Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i am in the mood for socks
these are some of my favorites (all from the fabulous sock shop sock dreams)

The above in order are: 1st b.ella missy; 2nd heather lace; 3rd cotton lace; 4th chevrons


Sarah said...

i love sock dreams too, i got some nice knee socks there for winter. (:

lara griffiths said...

bought these! plus a couple of other pairs. saw your great DM flame socks too! very cool shop.

adele said...

Lara my darling girl how are you. I love your knitting, I wish you were here to teach me...Hope all is well, miss you..Momma T

lara griffiths said...

Hi mum!!!!!!!

how are you? now with you and your daughter my blog readership has hit an all time high of 2!


i miss your daughter. and it is you who should be teaching me~ so many wonderful crochet patterns out there and i haven't a clue.

miss you too

adele said...

Okay we shall make a deal, you come back here and I'll teach you and you can teach me! Are you having a wonderful time in Portugal, my world traveler, I am jealous...Hope BU builds quickly! Daughter is having a heck of time without you!!