Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother’s day weekend (part 3)

this is a lace pattern scarf done in multiples of 17 stitches in her favorite color- turquoise. since summertime is almost here and chilly desert nights in new mexico are upon us - i knit to 34 stitches; you can increase the width for a warmer cold weather option should your mother live in a colder climate.

length extended!

i could not help myself but to include a matching tweet dinner plate from anthropologie made by tweet dinner plate set

happy mother's day!


Anna said...

Beautiful gift! The plate matches the scarf perfectly. I am starting (or continuing, I guess) to be envious of your creativity.

lara griffiths said...

i dont know what kind of insane person signs up for 'a post a day in may' but i am pretty much OUT of ideas :)

pleased u like the scarf. i think my next project will be for myself- selfish, i know.

Anna said...

Ha! A post a day? That's nuts. I'm sorry, I am being supportive... yet laughing all at the same time. Best of luck. You are a better blogger than I.