Tuesday, May 20, 2008

custom made anniversary bag

have you seen one of these little pieces of handiness? it is a bias tape maker by dritz (mine is a single fold 1/2 in.)

imagine the possibilities!

i just took some medium weight white cotton fabric for this project. then cut it in a 1 in. strip to the length i needed, pulled it through and ironed. done.

in my stash i have small stamp letters. and off i went..

the bag is made of 3 pieces of felt- two sides and an oval bottom. before sewing them together i sewed the tape into place, hemmed the top and then put the pieces together. i used a simple raffia cord to tie the bag with wooden beads on the ends so they would not pull through.

happy anniversary to us.

anthony click here!

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Leigh said...

You are just so crafty my friend! It's funny too, I just bought 2 books about using felt for fun things. The one that I am working from now is called "Cute Things". I am making little hairbands for the girls.