Sunday, September 09, 2007

wrap top all wrapped up

it is nice to have completed a project. it feels good. i am making this top again for fiona- i do like the name fiona. i knit the first pattern for size 6-12 months and will do the same for the next one. it has a lot of roomy adjustability that limits the use of most baby clothes that last only a few short months before they become too small.

to give me a break between doing the same pattern back to back i am working on putting the shawl together. a few frustrating starts with this pattern. as i have worked the first 8 rows (after many, many attempts). it is starting to show its lace pattern. it is not really what i expected and it could be my substitute in yarn but i am pretty sure i have the patience to get through it. blocking the finished pieces seems like it will be the most difficult part.- but if i get that far i am home free.

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