Sunday, September 16, 2007

acl 2007

yeah~ i clap my hands and say yeah. take a look at the video here.

upon arrival and it was not until 20 minutes later i was forced to admit that jeans and tee were not the attire for 95-100degree outdoor fest.

not twisting my arm i found a dress with my name on it that carried me through the next 7 hours of fest food, beer, arctic monkeys, cyhsy, and arcade fire.

could there be a better way to spend a saturday?

arcade fire- imagine a colorful screen of floating bibles and light- complete with pipe organ accompanied by 10-11 musicians. bad acl for putting muse up against af at the same time to compete for sound. but what a wonderful experience.

also check out the video clips of arctic monkeys & bloc party from the show at:

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Leigh said...

Oh my God, I love this dress, it is totally you!