Monday, September 03, 2007

if at first your don’t succeed.................try, try, again

day not to knit.

working on a baby sweater which for the first time ever- i have run out of yarn based on the patterns requirements, not only is this an inconvenience, it presents a problem that if you cant get the same yarn with the same dye lot- it is a waste of time to continue.

my yarn shop closed today- i work on my new “rowan free gift” which arrived at my door stop last week.

rowan now includes two patterns and the yarn to complete one of them with your yearly subscription.

problem one: yarn provided not yarn suggested for pattern.

yarn provided was cotton rope. not sure who would choose to knit with this yarn- but after 5 attempts to get past row 4 of the pattern. i choose not to continue.

i am not meant to knit with this yarn- i stop and decided to move on and if i want to use the pattern this yarn will not be a part of the equation.

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