Sunday, September 30, 2007

pretending it is fall once again

i have to admit that i miss the chilly evenings that the fall brings with it on the east coast. but still i remind myself that i am lucky to enjoy hot weather almost year around.

i remind myself that with the fall~ soon will come winter and the snow. the larger part of this weekend was spent in the garden preparing for the cooler weather we have here in san antonio.

most bushes were trimmed back, flowering pants were cut back, the roses were pruned, leaves raked, windows cleaned, and our new yard-mates let them selves be known. a fairly large (huge to me) tarantula- and a young texas rat snake.

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Leigh said...

Tarantulas are bad, whether they are considered "fairly large or huge" in my book. I have to thank you for not inserting a picture of said tarantula as I would have had bad nightmares leaving me all scratched up for the morning for sure.