Monday, October 16, 2006

when bad things happen

on saturday we arrived home from a wonderful dinner to find the first floor of our house under water. the water softener stop valve had broken and the flood started in the kitchen where it deposited 2 inches of water & went through the living room, dinning room and all the way to the front door. we believe the wood floors will all need replacing as well as possibly the kitchen cabinets. with our neighbors help we vacuumed and bucketed up the water and had a company come in with fans and dehumidifiers. we also called out a plumber to disconnect the softener tank so that we could turn the water mains back on.

we were lucky because our dogs were safe, and as someone very close to me put it- “when bad things happen some can not be fixed and in your case they can.” everything can be replaced, no one was harmed and as it turns out pepper has never enjoyed himself more than he has the last couple of days laying in the center of the living room with multiple fans blowing his way.


Anonymous said...

Oh how awful! I am so sorry. It's great that nothing terribly important was lost, but still! Maybe the Texas heat can work to your advantage this time - will help dry out your house faster :)

lara griffiths said...

yeah but wouldn't you believe it- nothing but rain and high humidity since it happened!

Leigh said...

This just stinks! I am sorry. I am glad that the dogs are ok.