Wednesday, October 04, 2006

meet mister rabbit(s)

meet the rabbits. three boys and one girl. the pattern came from childhood treasures by caroline zoob. her book is full of wonderful things mostly aimed at creating a childhood atmosphere around your child’s personal spaces. the book has lots of beautiful inspirational pictures with a few patterns. i chose mister rabbit. if there had been a difficulty rating from one to ten (ten being the hardest) i would give it a two. if there was a fiddly time consuming rating i would have to give it the full ten. mister rabbit comes complete

with jodhpurs, laced boots, button up waist coat, coat (with pocket) and cravat. i thought we needed a lady rabbit (esp since my good friend rides) so i gave her a special pink coat, eyelashes and pearls. in for a penny, in for a pound.


tesco said...

nothing less than fantastic! i think i want one of these rabbits for my cousin's baby to be (sometime in january)'re being commissioned!

dakota_knits said...

oh my god, those are the most fantastic bunnies EVER!!

Angela said...

I like the rabbits :-)