Wednesday, October 04, 2006

fab mail day- thank you postman!

i just want to make one thing clear. leigh- whatever you like i would be more than happy to make-boy or girl. be it my congratulations for being a godmother present! and thank you for the letter- what a day brightener.

ahh but it does not end there. for all those whose soil is 1in thick and their house sits on a rock- you know about hard water. the baggie of goodies i got to save my coffee pot, kettle, iron and dishwasher is amazing! they are some cleaver english people i am related too! amazing still was another package with loads of chocolate goodies including cadbury’s dairy milk turkish delight. and get this- a newspaper article about a new clothes dryer which eliminates the need to iron. a machine that dries your clothes and presses them too? what next you brits?! the machine is said to look like a refrigerator and on the inside like a wardrobe- price tag.. a mere 1,500 britsh pounds.

still more…. i have a new pack for rowan dunegal lambswool
tweed in pickle. enough to make “joy” from vintage style.


Leigh said...

I am always happy to receive mail from you too my friend. I am wondering how I get some of these fun gifts in the mail? It seems as though my postman only knows how to bring bills???

lara griffiths said...

you want it, you got it. just name it. we can do some kind of sercet swap. we can each send each other soemthing not at all related to bills.
i am game.