Wednesday, October 25, 2006


more yummy yarn. believe me i was so excited when my sister contacted me to ask if i would make her a pair of legwarmers to get her through the new york winter. over enthusiastic i jumped at the chance and as i headed down stairs to my book case (devoted only to knitting and other craft)- then it hit me. everything i own for the most part has been packed away and shipped off to a storage warehouse until all maintenance has been finished and the replacement of our downstairs floors has finished.

hummm. now what? in order to get inspired i went to the only true yarn store in san antonio with over 8,000 on their mailer list and one great gal who has a son back in boston who keeps me up to date on her visits there: the yarn barn

i was torn away only because my father was in town and hoping to meet up. thank goodness as there were so many nice yarns that were calling my name. I left with only 4 balls of berroco foliage for the legwarmers and 4 balls of ryc cashsoft dk for a tbd project... now at home- stuck upstairs in our makeshift tent in order to keep construction dust and debris out of our living area i will start my new project.

thank you sarah for keeping my mind off things!


dakota_knits said...

these are for me!
are you doing them on the round or on double pointed needles? I started a pair on double pointed but it is WAY too hard for me. can i do them in the round? will it be easier?

lara griffiths said...

I have double pointed and have used them for smaller projects. by far the circular are easier for me. now dont get to excited- it may be summer before you can wear them. hehe