Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

bob the dog

bob is the official mascot of ravelry.

bob has become such an icon over the few years ravelry has been in existence that fellow members have dubbed april 11th (the day in 2005 that ravelry was created) "bobmas" day.

i am sure i am not the only raveler who has fallen in love with the first few seconds of the video put together celebrating "bobmas" day by the website creators posted on "bobmas eve".

Happy Bobmas! from Ravelry on Vimeo.

it was only yesterday that i noticed my boston fall asleep while having a good go on her chew toy...

had she done it before and i had not noticed?....

or is miss opal spending time peering over my shoulder while i spend endless hours on the ravelry website?...

does she have interest in knitting?
.... or maybe bob?

Friday, April 24, 2009

what is going on with my favorite food blogger, i need to knit & happy fiesta friday

my blogging idol last posted on march 4th. i understand that these personal sounding boards that we devote to much time and energy into are not a priority, however i miss reading about her devotion to all things edible.

that being said today is fiesta friday so “c'est la vie” to the rest of the united states~ us san antonians get this day off to party. or, in my case…. i get to knit (at last).

in my desperation... argh!!!!!

i looked everywhere for the cotton ease the pattern called for and could not find it.

i am way to impatient… i should have held out for cotton but i needed a knit-fix & i have a day off.

soon miss ella will have a summer dress. it may be acrylic~ but it will go in the washing machine and dryer without fear.

... and i will have succeeded in fulfilling my need to knit something worth devoting my time and energy into another useless post for my personal sounding board.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i heart birthdays

i cleaned out my craft room.

i am now able to make my way from the door over the four feet of floor space (recently having been used as temporary junk space) to my sewing machine. the machine had been drawing me to it for a while now~ only i was put off (completely) by the thought of going through boxes, bills, bags of yarn, more bags of yarn and of course the dreaded graveyard of projects less loved and unfinished.

wait, i have a window in this room?

a friend’s birthday really served as my motivation. she really hates her birthday & i think birthdays are fun… but sadly i am forever sending her late gifts. this year i was a bit better (by degrees of lateness) and got her gift off to her at least the week of her birthday.

last year i sent her something bright and cheerful, knowing she loves only black in a conservative non-color committal way. black is always a safe bet for her so this year i chose black.

the pattern though has the somewhat bright and cheerful name that fulfills my need to convert her (in the most subtle way)…

buttercup bag by made by rae

i love groovy bloggers with free patterns.
and what a neat little pattern.
thank you rae.
i hope you like it leigh.
happy birthday my friend.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

these are not dorothy's ruby slippers

.... so i turn a little bit texan today. because anthony had his citizenship interview we each bought a pair of… yes, cowboy boots.

when in texas…

our choice~ texas hand made boots from lucchese. our company while we were shopping~ joe pantoliano (ralph on the sopranos)

thoughts~ just finished a no-blister 3 mile trek to our pub. i give them a big hearty yeahaw.