Sunday, April 19, 2009

i heart birthdays

i cleaned out my craft room.

i am now able to make my way from the door over the four feet of floor space (recently having been used as temporary junk space) to my sewing machine. the machine had been drawing me to it for a while now~ only i was put off (completely) by the thought of going through boxes, bills, bags of yarn, more bags of yarn and of course the dreaded graveyard of projects less loved and unfinished.

wait, i have a window in this room?

a friend’s birthday really served as my motivation. she really hates her birthday & i think birthdays are fun… but sadly i am forever sending her late gifts. this year i was a bit better (by degrees of lateness) and got her gift off to her at least the week of her birthday.

last year i sent her something bright and cheerful, knowing she loves only black in a conservative non-color committal way. black is always a safe bet for her so this year i chose black.

the pattern though has the somewhat bright and cheerful name that fulfills my need to convert her (in the most subtle way)…

buttercup bag by made by rae

i love groovy bloggers with free patterns.
and what a neat little pattern.
thank you rae.
i hope you like it leigh.
happy birthday my friend.

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lunaticraft said...

Very very cute little bag. And I sympathize with the gift lateness. Ever since I left college, I have been crap about getting gifts in the mail. I'm still got my room-mate's Christmas gift, Birthday Gift, and easter egg sitting here. It's all going to end up being combined with her graduation gift in May as her "Every holiday since I left school" gift.