Saturday, April 04, 2009

these are not dorothy's ruby slippers

.... so i turn a little bit texan today. because anthony had his citizenship interview we each bought a pair of… yes, cowboy boots.

when in texas…

our choice~ texas hand made boots from lucchese. our company while we were shopping~ joe pantoliano (ralph on the sopranos)

thoughts~ just finished a no-blister 3 mile trek to our pub. i give them a big hearty yeahaw.


lunaticraft said...

3 mile, no blister trek? I'd say that's one amazing set of boots. And good lookin' too! =D

stoptheshow said...

i'm totally jealous

Anna said...

There is no turning back after this. You have crossed to the other side. So the next time Anthony rides the mechanical bull at Cowboy's it won't be funny, but for real?

(Jokes aside, super cute boots!)