Friday, April 24, 2009

what is going on with my favorite food blogger, i need to knit & happy fiesta friday

my blogging idol last posted on march 4th. i understand that these personal sounding boards that we devote to much time and energy into are not a priority, however i miss reading about her devotion to all things edible.

that being said today is fiesta friday so “c'est la vie” to the rest of the united states~ us san antonians get this day off to party. or, in my case…. i get to knit (at last).

in my desperation... argh!!!!!

i looked everywhere for the cotton ease the pattern called for and could not find it.

i am way to impatient… i should have held out for cotton but i needed a knit-fix & i have a day off.

soon miss ella will have a summer dress. it may be acrylic~ but it will go in the washing machine and dryer without fear.

... and i will have succeeded in fulfilling my need to knit something worth devoting my time and energy into another useless post for my personal sounding board.


Fran said...

Hi Lara,

On your April 26 post, there doesn't seem to be a link to post a comment - no idea why. That's a great picture of your Boston. I understand your knitting desperation. The dress looks really cute!

Anna said...

I am working on it! And thank you. I miss blogging and hate that my life is getting in the way. I am about nine tenths of the way to a decision regarding the job/relationship thing, which now leaves some some time for more food-oriented and happy pursuits.