Sunday, November 08, 2009

is it really november?

this time last year i was given the means to purchase a set of interchangeable circular knitting needles for my birthday. one year later i have found the perfect set.

i was price shopping (yeah- for a year)

playing with my new kit…. i note there is no comparison to my previous knitting experience with my old love of addi or my newer ka bamboo circs… it is as if anthony bourdain had just discovered they joys of drinking and smoking late in his career… i found these super pointy, light, interchangable needles with joining cables that feel soft and already broken in a new addiction.

my first project turns out to be a preemie cap the day after the needles arrive. the pattern can be found here.

yarn: lily sugar'n cream stripes in lime green

needle: us 6


i cast on 38 (not 35) stitches using us 6 throughout. the first 13 rows were all knit and then worked stockinette instead of the pattern’s ribbing at the beginning. i want the brim of the hat to be turned so i knit the hat about an 1/2 inch longer than the 3.5 to 4” the original pattern calls for using the medium preemie instructions.

finished using pattern… i knit to 4”

rs (k2, k2tog) repeat (29sts)

ws p

rs (k1,k2tog) repeat (20sts)

ws (p2tog) repeat (10sts)

rs (k2tog) repeat (5sts)

5 stitches left (icord to 4”)

note the tooth mark on the second to last of our satsumas. bad opal.


Chronic Ennui said...

Oh my gosh. Is that hat really the size of a clementine? So adorable! Those needles are the best. I love the cords on them so much better than the Addi's.

kay.skay.790 said...

I LOVE those needles! I'm planning on replacing my Denise set with them, though I'll probably go with the wooden tips.

lunaticraft said...

I love the Options. I've got the Nickel plated ones, and am totally planning on investing in a set of Harmonies for Christmas too. That had is so adorable!