Saturday, November 28, 2009

happy thanksgiving everyone!

is it new year’s yet….?

well i have had another birthday. (usually one of my favorite days of the year) only so much has happened this week i blinked and all of the sudden even all of the leftover turkey was gone.

we even took the low road when it came to thanksgiving. a sort of ‘bird in a box’. many thanks to whole foods creative culinary team for providing our thanksgiving meal for our guests and keep us sane for the day.

it is saturday now and the olds have hit the road headed homeward. last night we all went downtown to the holiday river parade & lighting ceremony, a mere 5 in over 150,000 people who trekked to the san antonio riverwalk to see this over 20 year old parade. i don’t want to offend those who get up real early on thrusday and crowd the streets of new york for the traditional macy’s parade but this is definitely the way to go. after some champagne & dinner we get to sit with a warm cup of coffee on the edge of the river and get to see these river boats turned christmas float boats sail past us, …margarita anyone?


lunaticraft said...

Holiday river parade? That sounds like the coolest thing ever.

Fran said...

I've never heard of a holiday river parade. Beautiful pictures! Belated happy birthday, too. Looks like a great set of circulars.