Sunday, October 25, 2009

tired of being tired...

i had high hopes for this weekend~ my father in town, a few good meals, some chores and catching up on work.

alas, i feel tired and under the weather and decide it is best to stay at home and do as little as possible.

i have not picked up any knitting in a while. not out of coice, i have just been too busy. dad brought with him a few knitting books to tempt me and out of one of them i found my nephews christmas present... am i running out of knitting time already????

i also decided to give this tutorial a try. it gives instructions on making your own cookie cutters only the supplies are hard to come by and in the end i managed to come up with this. (ignore the copper tape seaming it together~ i am working on that part)

i could not find a sheet of copper that was hard enough to keep shape so i went with aluminum. i cut one inch strips (oh yes... if someone could tell me where to buy this i would be most grateful).

i am learning.

it will get better.


Domie's Mom said...

Cookie cutters...very cool and creative! Looks great to me.

You know, sometimes putting the needles down is ok, gives time for the brain to re-generate creativity and the hands to get soem TLC:):)
Feel better.

lunaticraft said...

Handmade cookie cutters? That's such a brilliant idea. Yours looks fantastic!