Monday, February 16, 2009

today i feel orange

anthony's fantastic butternut squash soup recipe:

1. one butternut squash peeled & cubed (use gloves!)
2. chicken stock or boullion cube (let's make it easy)
3. habanero pepper

boil cubed butternut squash in water (enough to cover)
add a cup of stock or boullion cube and whole un-cut habanero pepper.
cook until soft and blend.
(without pepper.. well, unless you are insane.)


stoptheshow said...

this sounds delish. i am going to make it. i bet it would also be good with a glob of crème fraîche on top too...yummmmm

lara griffiths said...

crème fraîche, oh mouth watering now. sadly we are very limited when it comes to ingredients around our home. i could have resorted to the can of reddi whip... but just not the same.