Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oh gloomy day

i like to knit. i am impatient.

...so when the new debbie bliss spring/summer 2009 was due to hit the shelves of my local book store i was there. and the next day... and the following 4 more days until yes! it was sitting there~ mine for the purchasing.

now i don't begrudge designers when they submit one of their new patterns in a well known knitting magazine in support of their new pattern line. but what i don't really understand is why vogue has chosen a designer (and she is absolutely fabulous) to publish a magazine devoted to her alone and publish her patterns from 1995!

ouch. that is not new. should style not evolve?

well in this case my gloomy buddy for the day was created. he is 9o% sirdar country style dk (grey), 9% crystal palace yarns merino frappe (red) & 1% patons silk bamboo (black).

i like him and i think he will be happy to keep mr. g's room company until he returns.

1 comment:

Domie's Mom said...

I really love him! I have to try to make one for my little guy now.