Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day

for the little people in my life for valentines day. (and my very own extra special person)

when finished i took the eyes off. ever read neil gaiman’s coraline? they looked like the scary creepy rats.

off with their eyes!

i ended up placing them in wooden mini panibois molds and adding happy words before sending.

the designer is anna and her website is mochimochi land. what a great pattern. i really love this designer.

the goods:

wool-ease thick & quick (1 skein each): grass, sky blue & raspberry

size 11 needles



Lupie said...

They are so sweet. So "Martha Stewert" in a good way!

Fran said...

They're so cute. I can see what the mean about the eye thing.

Domie's Mom said...

OH MY, I really love these. Beautiful:)

stoptheshow said...

these are so cute! they do look a little bit evil with the eyeballs though, glad you took those off.

passionknitone said...

Those are so darn cute!