Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a little sparkle

i went through a phase of buying a lot of this yarn because well… i really loved it. now i am desperate to find projects to make with it or i will just have to admit defeat and pass it on to a better home.

the best thing about it: fantastic gold christmas tree tinsel woven into the wool.

pattern details:

francesca by martin storey (book classic woman)

8 skeins rowan soft lux
needles: us 6 & us 7

i am omitting the beads. need to face the fact that beads & glitter might be overkill.


i also think i will do away with the neckline tie (for obvious reason). i am not too keen on the sweater look either so i think i will alter it to make it a cardigan.

given that there are only maybe 2 days in south texas that it would get cold enough to knit with this heavy wool it is now or never. :)


stoptheshow said...

how about some pretty legwarmers? :)

lara griffiths said...

yeah lady i owe you!

Fran said...

Ok, ignore my other comment where I ask the source of the pattern. It helps if I don't read your blog in reverse order. Love the bling in the yarn! I can see why you would omit the beads - it would be too much with both.