Sunday, January 11, 2009

i livescribe.

and as it turns out i livescribe for knitting.

as a gift i received this fantastic smart pen. it may be smarter than me, as at this point in our relationship, it talks to me but i am not yet comfortable talking to it.

this weekend i had a fellow knitter contact me to ask what my alterations were for a pattern i had knitted around 4 years ago. i know how sad i am, but this was a reminder. i pulled out my books of knitting notes (there are many books) and retyped the pattern with my modifications (listed row by row in my notes) … sadly only to loose them when the (my) computer had... well it had let me down.

i retyped the modifications.

that is when i realized how friendly my mac and i could be. with my smart pen i rewrote my notes for “francesca”. i will continue my knitting notes in this same journal.

for what it is worth~ this is my new knitting library.


Fran said...

Oh my god! Thank you for introducing me to such a powerful tool; it's almost too scary to be true. I'm not one for technological innovations but this is AWESOME! It's going on my wish list now.

P.S. I didn't know there was a pattern named after me! What's the source? ;)

lara griffiths said...

i have to say i am a big fan so far. i was waiting to reserve judgment until i had a few patterns in the journal... but i can't say enough good things about it.