Monday, January 05, 2009

argh! to love or not to love....

a lot of issues for a small little green sweater.

i call it gavin's GREEN alfie.

gavin's GREEN alfie was meant to be a christmas gift. alas it was not meant to be.... the pattern is from sublime #613. the front is worked in two narrow strips and the center boarder and collar are worked at the end.

i used colourmart 100% extra fine merino

size us #3 & #6 needles.

issue #1: my dumb fault. washed prior to knitting in warm water. i thought i was being cleaver so it would not shrink once knit.

new knitting rule: hot water + wool = ball of felted yarn mess.

issue #2: contacted sublime as pattern reads funny.. when working the left front armhole the pattern begins taking the decreases at the armhole edge for the first 3 rows and then takes the decrease on both sides (decrease one stitch at the beginning of the next (x) rows.) i think it should that read at the armhole edge for the next 7 rows~ which is how i knit it. looking at the picture in the book there is no shaping where the collar attaches. (did not hear back from sublime so i am not sure what the patterns intentions were.)

issue #3: had to frog the collar and start again. the collar begins 11 cm below shoulder shaping. after finishing it the neck was too small. ended up re-knitting the collar and joining it 14 cm below shoulder shaping.

a learning process.

and the answer is yes.... to love. for you little gavin in a nice bright color for you to enjoy.

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