Sunday, August 26, 2007

in memory of khiva

khiva is the long time pet of my brother. she is remembered by all in the way she had chosen to treat each individual she encountered. truly she was and always will be ~my brother’s cat. through many stages of his life, she was always a part, meeting new people along the way, taking on new roommates and finally part of a loving marriage which includes a wonderful child and~ of course~ khiva.

on the rare occasion when my brother would leave on vacation along with his roommate, i would have the opportunity to cat-sit. she so missed my brothers attention she would take her front paws around my right leg and let me drag her to the door when i had to leave for work or class. however when he was around it was as if i did not exist.

my brother, his wife and their son had to say good-bye to khiva. i can honestly say they were as lucky to have her as she was equally lucky to be theirs. i am sorry for their loss~ she will be missed.


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