Sunday, August 12, 2007

babies babies & more babies

i am so tired right now that i cant sleep. i would very much like too but my mind is wandering. anthony and i have a friend who has just had her second child. their first beautiful baby girl came when we were living in boston and i had time to myself to experiment with knitting. based loosely off a pattern i found on the web i made her this little dress. now being a few years later i would have liked to become a better knitter~ as it is~ i have been overwhelmed with my job, homeownership and spending what little time i have with the dogs and husband.

2nd beautiful baby girl deserves something nice- but what? there are a few patterns i would love to get into but i know they will take me too long to finish and with my luck she will be old enough to have her own children by the time i am done.

my bookshelf is full of ideas but i still am uninspired. in my search i came across “easy baby knits” by claire monthomerie

i don’t know what is inside the book but i am a big fan of ryland peters & small publishers- they have never disappointed.

keep checking in~ this may be the book that gets me back into the knitting thing….

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