Sunday, August 19, 2007

happy birthday grandma

happy birthday grandma. and of course to top the big day off after a meal out on the town ~ we top it off with the best cake ever.

lucky for us~ grandma has her birthday just around the time that the hatch chile hits the market and dad makes the trip, car full of a years worth of hot roasted hatch chile in freezer chests that end up fitting not only in our freezer but requires the extra storage space of our neighbors garage freezer. this year we tried our local supermarkets hatch green chile brownie- for addicts like me it was bliss. sadly it did not go over well with most of my coworkers

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M said...

oh!!! they're selling hatch green chili at heb - only waverly wouldn't let me have any of his - said i had to get my own - after i baked a bday cake for him - his favorite - and he wouldn't let me have one green chili!!