Monday, November 10, 2008

oh sad, oh sad that i can write this.

this is my finished father’s 70th birthday scarf.

i will be giving pops the scarf when all the kids go home for thanksgiving. i can blog about it because i am certain that dad has never seen my blog. so no chance of ruining the surprise….. he is now seventy years of age i am ok with this.

manly scarf (ok lame name) pattern can be found here
thank you jennie for the free pattern!

3 skeins kraemer yarns tatamy tweed dk (750 yards) ~ my choice of a cotton blend tweed in a dad like color (walnut)

size 8 needles

knitting double stranded.

(note: a nice project to take on the go. i will be making the same scarf in a 6yr old size with the same yarn and a doggie pocket. that way grandpa and grandson can enjoy together)

i picked a project that would use the first pair of needles dad bought me. a nice hand made size 8 made from walnut (hence the color of the yarn.)

end project 70in. long. so i ended up using 3 skeins of yarn in the end (instead of two) to get the length.

will use the same yarn for my nephew single stranded on a needle size 5. let’s hope it works out!


Leigh said...

Love this! Such a great Dad gift

Sarah said...

ooh it's pretty he's going to like it.
see you in a couple weeks!!!

lara griffiths said...

ladies~ it brings a tear to my eye to know there are two of you out there who read my blog! (even though my father~ who owns a laptop and has a wireless home connection... does not)