Friday, October 17, 2008

hardly able to control myself….

overly addicted to ravelry is a bad thing.

i know this because not only do i not have time to knit~ i also have a wealth of pattern ideas to confuse things.

this is bad because i can easily sit in front of the computer and weigh the pros and cons about different designs (even if i have no intention of knitting them… who the heck needs a felted handbag?!) and neglect things like eating and sleeping.

my social network is a bunch of virtual friends.

should computers be such an integral part of my knitting obsession?.... to the point where yesterday i considered changing cell phone provider in order to swap my current pda for an iphone to run stitchminder?

i did good this weekend.
i walked around yarn shops (hill country yarn crawl).
i found a pattern book.
i bought the book….
(sadly i bought the yarn online)

‘mila tells me gavin likes bright colors…. what do you think ‘mila?

i am too excited for words and i can’t wait for this yarn to come

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